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  1. The cron service is installed but cannot start due to the following. The installer for the cron service names it "coral_cron". The section header in ".....\UniServer\uni_con\cron_service\srvstart.ini" is referring "[uS_CronS1]" instead. (That bug seems to persist since at least 12/22/2011...)


    Unfortunately SrvStart cannot create a meaningful error report. Please correct this asap. Thank you!

  2. The solution is sooo simple:


    - open ".....\UniServer\uni_con\cron_service\srvstart.ini" with an editor

    - replace the section header "[uS_CronS1]" by "[coral_cron]"

    - save and close the file


    ... and you are done ...


    Remark: I'm a little bit surprised nobody since July 2012 found it worth to post the solution for that simple bug. Or did really nobody see it?

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