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  1. Dear All My host only offers mysql 4.1, i had problems when i tried to export my mysql 5, i had to change every autoincrement field. Now i want to import my online mysql 4.1 to my uniform server that runs mysql 5 i get errors every time.. what should i do ? should i run 4.1 on my mashin to solve that problem ?
  2. i solved it i fount the timelimit in extended config sorry for wasting your time
  3. I am using phpMybackupPRO icreated a file .htaccess and did put this line "# php_value max_execution_time 200" but it did not work why ? also , why do older files get deleted Dear Sir I found out why it deletes the files in the extended config tab but now i cannot backup due to time limit, maybe because the database is large
  4. I mean when i press on the import tab, i get "there are no backup files to import" , although i did backup a couple of days before, the second thing I am trying to backup the file but i get this message Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in W:\home\admin\www\phpMyBackupPro\functions.inc.php on line 514
  5. Dear All whenever i do a backup to my database using the backup utiliy in phpadmin after a couple of days , my backup doesnt show in the "import" tab and i also had a backup file in another place , when i tried to put in the directory to import , it did not show up to import tab
  6. ahmedhoukry

    PHP4 with CURL?

    dear all i installed php_cutl.dll enabled curl but i get this error libeay32.dll not found
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