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  1. Many Thanks Ric for the speedy response. I've done the steps exactly and this small adjustment is in reality a great time saver for me and am sure many other programmers looking for flexibility. Perhaps you could factor it in the next release of UniserverZ so we won't have to install the controller separately at every update? In return, I've been using Uniform Server for long, and have over time, developed optimal configuration options for MySQL, php and Apache that sharply speed up Uniserver in Windows. Is it ok to share them to save others time?
  2. (Uniserver Zero XI - 11.5.0) I would like to delete certain folders inside www with the "Clean-Up delete logs" option. I've already included them inside the config file under folders. Am using a CMS that automatically creates about 3-4 temporary files in one folder. 1 folder creates about 2,200 cache files at one go. Any way of allowing this? Thanks.
  3. Sure. All you have to do is right click on the taskbar, click on task manager, and on the process list, remove explorer. Everything will disappear. The click "ALT+CTR+DEL" on your keyboard to bring the system options screen back. Click on Task manager. Once open, click on "file" option on the task manager window, then click the "New Task (Run)..." option. type "explorer" - without the quotes - and press enter. The explorer window will come back. Try running your server again. The problem is mostly a UAC one. Looking forward to the day when Microsoft will produce a real operating system (without all that security), as it should be.
  4. Your post_max_size value (8M) is smaller than upload_max_filesize (10M)
  5. Gentlemen, ladies; How do I get Innodb to work? #skip-innodb has no effect. Is it possible that this version of mysql was compiled without innodb support? To replicate the issue: 1. start myqsl console 2. type myqsl -uroot -proot 3. then on the mysql prompt, type show variable like 'have_innodb'; [EDIT] Sorry guys, its not a problem with Uniform Server 8.8.2. It turns out that the following two settings in the MySQL my.ini file automatically disables innoDB: 1. innodb_log_file_size with a value greater than 5M, and 2. innodb_flush_method = O_DIRECT
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