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  1. How can I do this and manage it cleanly? Especially for Uniform Server, because a lot of the extensive XAMP/ WAMP articles and tips are not directly applicable.
  2. Wildcard Subdomains for Wordpress MultiSite Network This is prior to installing Wordpress and the Network. I've found a bunch of tutorials and articles online for doing this with XAMP etc. As a part of a Local Wordpress MultiSite Network with SubDomains, I need the ability to access the created SubDomains.wp.dev i.e. *.wp.dev that would be generated by Wordpress Sites Of course, Windows HOSTS has limitations in supporting this by itself. There are some ways using Acrylic DNS to bypass Windows HOST file wildcard limitation. UPDATE: Can DtDNS do something here? Help? http://www.code-styling.de/deutsch/entwicklungen/wordpress-plugin-wp-xampp-multisite-subdomains (Chrome can translate this for you) There is this Special Plugin & Tutorial to help automate SubDomain names added automatically to HOSTS and Virtual Host configurations, but it doesn't set Document/Site Root on Uniform Server the way it was on XAMP - i.e. Step 4 - Fails (As is) - Whether I set the Root as / or /wordpress to access the readme.html needs the path to be /worpress/readme.html Is there some better way to manage and do this in a Uniform Server environment. Thoughts & Suggestions?
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