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  1. Thanks for the reply. I took a look at what you said, however it is not working for me. Below are the steps I took, if there is something I am doing wrong or something else you can think of to try please let me know. Uniform Server 8.7.2 1) Fresh install to a folder on my desktop (c:\users\name\Desktop\webfolder) 2) Run Start_as_program to load all correct paths 3) Close Start_as_program 4) Run self created batch script cd "%userprofile%\Desktop\webfolder\alt_diag\run_as_program" start start_apache.bat start start_mysql.bat start iexplore http://localhost Both windows come up saying "Starting Apache/MySQL Server. Apache/MySQL Server started. Press any key to continue." IE launches but the website is not able to be displayed (this is the same result as when I execute the batch files manually as well). When I open Run_as_program and start both there, the website launches properly. Am I missing something? Do I need to run more than just those two batch files in alt_diag? Thank you in advance for any help!
  2. Hello, I am looking for a way to change a config file or even create a batch file that will autostart Apache and MySQL instead of having to open Start_as_program and click the button that says "Start Both". Sorry if this has been stated somewhere already, but I have been unable to find it. Also, I tried creating a batch file that runs Start_as_program and then runs the start-apache.bat/start-mysql.bat files and it comes up with port errors. Any help would be great! =]
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