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  1. Sorry I toke so long lost operating system due to a hard drive dying I had to reinstall. and catch up on 6 months of lost work I had forgotten about this post sorry. But to the point all I done was got the autorun to dump the software in the windows temp directory and run it from there when the demos over it cleans that info from the temp directory. I also put instructions in web format on redirect and used the current scripts to start and stop the server,mysql,etc...
  2. Hopefully when I get a chance in the next few days I'll do up Step by Step and tag it on the end of this post topic. I'll also send it to you via email. have nice day.
  3. Thanks for the server. Due to the size of your server and the ability to run on windows without the need for installation I have been able to place your server on a cdrom with my PhP/MySql websites and demonstrate to a person that i'm disigning a site for how the site works, on there own computer. The way I do this is by creating a autorun file on the cd that starts the web server and then the mysql server. It then redirects to a page that explains how to use the site and what to do to shut the servers down, they then click the continue button and it goes to the demo site on the site is a linked button that when clicked stops both servers and brings up a page for comformation and imformation about the demo site also with a thanks to the Uniform Server team and a link to your website. So thanks again for the servers and keep up the good work.
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