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  1. It is awesome that there is support for PHP 7. The new more modular option also looks very interesting and I look forward to trying it out. Also, thank you for having the documentation ready. I read through it and it is pretty thorough.
  2. I use the Uniform Server for development purposes, so monitoring up-time isn't important. As far as I know, there is nothing built into the Uniform Server for this purpose. If you are running a server that is on the Internet then you might Google for "monitor server". There are some free services available. This is a pretty common requirement. If you are running a server on your desktop machine then perhaps you could write a Windows scheduled task to check that the ports respond. I imagine it is a bit of batch programming to hit a page, capture the response, and send an email if needed.
  3. I had this problem also. The good news is that I have not seen this issue with Uniform Server Zero.
  4. Not sure. Maybe see if you can look in the log files or turn on debug output. It could be that there is an extension that needs to be turned on or a setting changed. Once you get an error message it should be easy to Google it and get a solution.
  5. Yes. You can use WordPress with Uniform Server. It works very well.
  6. Hi, Railo requires a Java Server like Jetty or Tomcat. The Uniform Server doesn't have enough for running Railo. On their website they have an express version that you just unzip and run it when you want to use it. Best, David
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