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  1. In Coral 8.5.4 (checked the current 8.6.7 and it appears to still be there), the us_pear/index.php tries to naively guess its location using $path_array = explode("\\home",dirname(__FILE__)); // Split at folder us_lear This of course fails if the directory that Uniserver is installed in happens to have 'home' in it. (In my case, I had it installed in c:\home\Uniserver, so us_pear was in C:\home\UniServer\home\us_pear. Not only did it guess its paths wrong, even when I updated the pear.conf file with the correct paths, it just kept overwriting it with the wrong paths. My solution: replaced that line with $path_array = array(realpath(__DIR__ .'/../..')); Now it correctly finds the Uniserver root two directories up and can find itself (instead of thinking that it's at C:\home\us_pear). Hope that helps somebody else.
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