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  1. thanks my fault. it was php-win.exe and i thought it used php.ini, but i forgot i had to add mb_string to php-cli.ini thanks for your help!
  2. just replaced the php directory with 8.6.6 and it works, must be something in the php directory... same config file in both cases...
  3. Just upgraded from 8.6.6 to 8.7.0 and mbstring doesn't work. Says it's loaded ok in phpinfo, but i get this php error on first mbstring call. Same apache and php configs as 8.6.6, haven't changed anything. [Mon Dec 03 16:48:18.802288 2012] [:error] [pid 3068:tid 344] [client 192.168.x.x:51919] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_internal_encoding() in C:\\UniServer\\www\\xxx\\include\\functions.php on line 17, referer: https://xxx.yyy.com/index.php Thanks for your help!! I love Uniform Server! Andrew
  4. Uniserver coral 8.6.6, unitry 8.2.0 full gives the following error Windows server 2003 sp2 C:\Unisever\plugins\tray_menu\start-stop_update.wsf Line 250 Char 3 Input past end of file Code 800A003E VBruntime error Any help appreciated! Andrew
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