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    Wow my problem is solved! Thanks Ric!! Really really big THX =)
  2. Karo


    Hello People, at first I wanna say I am sorry if this post is in wrong section but I really don't have any idea where to post it else. Also I tried to search "msvcr" but couldnt find a smiliar thread. However, I started to use Uniserver today and in the beginning everything seemed working fine. But when I pressed on "Server Status", a message appeared which told me that Msvcr100.dll is missing. Well, i checked system32 and could find it there, so I decided to copy it and put it also in Uniserv folder & on my desktop. Same problem appears... Further informations: Your internet ip address = ##.##.##.## <-- cant see my ip, even if i wait some time Accessible from internet = *** <--same problem Newer Uniserver version = *** <--same problem ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- If any other informations needed just leave me a message! Thanks in advance
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