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  1. Hi Ric, Thank you for the confirmation. Guillaume
  2. Hi All, Can we install/run STOP/uninstall services from commandline with uniservice plugin ? Thank you. Guillaume
  3. Hi All, I have made a test with uniserver Zero XI (11_0_1) and windows 7 64b I have activated the run at start-up (seems to need administrator rights) and restart my computer -> i was able to access to the website without any user logged in. I have check the msconfig program and see unicontroller zero in the startup tab. So in this version, uniserver is no more a service. Has someone tried to use this version on a windows server system ? i don't know if the behaviour is the same. Guillaume
  4. Hello, I have disbaled the auth_digest_module and error is gone. I guess i need to activate more dependencies to enable auth_digest_module. anyway i don't need this module so currently i don't have to find a solution. Guillaume
  5. Hi all I have downloaded the uniserver 11_0_1_ZeroXI and i have the same error. My system is windows 7 64b. Could you give me some help to solve this issue ? Guillaume
  6. Hi all. We were using the coral 8 version and know we are moving to Zero version. I have a question regarding the " run at startup" feature. is this option install uniserver as service (like for the corl 8 version) or just start uniserver when computer starts. I have another question regarding this feature, if it's not a service do a user need to login to start the uniserver ? Thank you. Guillaume
  7. Hi all, We are facing integer size limitation with 32b version. Do you have plan to manage a 64 b version for apache and PHP ? Regards, Guillaume
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