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  1. If I close the Uniform Server main control panel, and then try to load it again, it won't load. I need to log out or restart my machine to be able to load the control panel. Repro steps: - I load Uniform Server (Coral 8.6.4) using Start_as_program.exe - Main control panel loads. I can turn on Apache and MySQL, use my server, all is good - When I'm done with the server I turn off the two services and close the control panel - If try to run Start_as_program.exe again, nothing happens. Panel does not load. - If I log out and back in, or restart my machine, I am able to load the main panel and all is good again. This is happening to me consistently, not a one-off thing. My system: Windows 7 64-bit Coral 8.6.4 Not sure what other relevant info I can provide. Nothing shows up in error.log or access.log. edit: I did a bit more testing, and figure out that this only occurs if I shut down the two services before closing the panel. If I leave the two services running, I can close and re-start the panel as many times as I want.
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