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  1. Haven't tried this yet but does look like a GREAT alternative!
  2. I think it's safe to say now that this project is pretty much abandoned even if one dev said it wasn't. It's been two years now so... Shame though.
  3. No edit function here? In response to my previous post: I figured it out now... I guess. Uniform Server is indeed portable BUT can only be used when no spaces are present in the folder names. When I first extracted it, it was extracted to my downloads folder which has a space in it. Now it resides in my C folder and works perfectly. I copied it to a different HDD (different folder) and it works as well. Maybe upon extracting first time there were spaces created in the extracted directories or something which kinda broke it.
  4. Hi all, First time here and just found out about The Uniform Server! Downloaded it, extracted, moved to C:/UniServer and used the start_as_program.exe. When I ran it the very first time it took ages for the MySQL password to be changed Once it was finally done I clicked the Start both button. Immediately the apache server kept crashing and I too was getting the Unable to start Apache server message over and over and over... I then terminated the corresponding exe and decided to reboot my system. After doing that the error appeared again when clicking the button I then decided to re-extract the downloaded archive but this time immediately to C:/UniServer instead of extracting it in my download folder and then moving it over to C:. So this tells me that UniServer is NOT portable! Quite important I recon and this should be mentioned when downloading! PS: Did a fresh install of Win 7 x86 today before trying UniServer for the 1st time. In all honesty not a very good 1st impression. I also have XAMPP installed but wanted to try this one out. Anyway, I'll give this one a try (it works now) but maybe this needs to be fixed or something? Haven't tried installing as service though but don't feel like I need to.
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