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  1. Hi, Is there any built-in way to backup your settings? Upgrading between Coral / Steel versions involves having to backup certain files (php.ini, httpd.conf, etc), otherwise you lose your entire config! When you use the application itself to change settings, however, it's not always clear what's needed to backup. Thanks!
  2. Things were working fine with Steel b5 but now it's broken again. Basically I can't run the UniTray UNLESS Apache is running! Meaning I can't use the Unitray to change any configurations (such as SSL port), because Apache is running. If I shutdown Apache (through Unitray OR manually through Services) I get the "List Index (1) out of bounds" error.
  3. Bah! Having some problems! My situation: - Everything installed fine. Everything was running correctly. Then, I wanted phpmyadmin to work via internet. - I wanted to restart Apache - so I hit stop service for mySQL, worked fine. Did the same for Apache. Then when I tried to access Unitray, it crashed (got a "List Index (1) out of bounds" error). - Now I would *always* get the error. I found if I started the Apache service manually (it was installed as a Service), Unitry would work properly again. - I still wanted to turn off Apache. But everytime I did, Unitray would crash. So I tried uninstalling the services (sc delete). Now Unitray won't launch at all - even after a fresh extraction. How do I uninstall to try all over again? Clearly there are some registry settings being set, or something! Thanks!
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