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  1. hi everybody. i m using uniserver and trying to create a login page. i m a begginer ,i have just started to learn php. php scripts are-: /////////////////////////// form.php-(filename) /////////////////////////// <html> <form action="match.php" method="post"> <label>UserName :</label> <input type="text" name="username"/><br /> <label>Password :</label> <input type="password" name="password"/><br/> <input type="submit" value=" Submit "/><br /> </form> </html> ///////////////////////// match.php(filename) \/////////////////////////// <?php include("config.php"); session_start(); if($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST") { // username and password sent from Form $myusername=addslashes($_POST['username']); $mypassword=addslashes($_POST['password']); $sql="SELECT * FROM admin WHERE username='$myusername' and passcode='$mypassword'"; $result=mysql_query($sql); $row=mysql_fetch_array($result); $active=$row['active']; $count=mysql_num_rows($result); // If result matched $myusername and $mypassword, table row must be 1 row if($count==1) { session_register("$myusername"); $_SESSION['login_user']=$myusername; header("location:welcome.php"); } else { $error="Your Login Name or Password is invalid"; } } ?> /////////////// welcome.php.(filename) //////////// <html> <body> <h1>Welcome <?php echo $login_session; echo "akshay"; ?></h1> </body> </html> when i m running it on localhost ,with sql commands already created, then sesion is not registered and not able to jump to welcome.php
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