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  1. Hello everyone, so how do you backup it? Do you have some fancy app to do it for you? Because I couldn't find anything, I wrote a small batch file that will backup whole UniServer directory using 7zip archiver, which will run in lowest priority on CPU's second core, so it won't overload the server. You can set password for the backup archive and extra output path, where the backup will be copied. Normally, it would only make one copy of the backup in directory "UniServer\backup", using this filename format: "uniserver_date(backup number).7z", so you can make more backups per day, without overriding the older backups. It will also backup all your databases by explicitly calling "Run_db_backup.bat" batch file, so the output backup archive will also contain all database backups. How to install: -Extract the "backup_script.zip" file to "UniServer\uni_con\" directory -Download 7za and extract the downloaded archive to the "UniServer\uni_con\backup" directory You can add path to this script to cron's config file ("uni_con\cron\cron.ini"), so it can run periodically using cron by adding these lines: [backup] start = 2012-07-23 0:00:00 period = weekly path = C:\UniServer\uni_con\cron\backup\backup.bat ref = Enjoy! P.S. 7za.exe can be downloaded here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sevenzip/7za920.zip backup_script.zip
  2. I confirm this issue on Windows 7 SP1 x64. Not only tokens, but also threads! There are about ~200 threads created! Most of them are in suspended state. This must be also leak, no application need so many threads as 8 threads is enough for ordinary thread pool. One thread takes 2MB of RAM (for the stack), so it's like ~400MB leak! Or not? Have to restart my server periodically...
  3. Hello, I've noticed that MySQL performance was really bad (i.e. took seconds to load simple page) after moving my website from 3rd-party hosting provider to my own server which was running on UniServer. First, I thought that MySQL was badly configured, so I've tried to tweak the config file (mostly upping allowed memory usage, etc.) after reading a few tutorials. It didn't help and reinstalling UniServer to the most recent version didn't help either. Today, I've started measuring the php script execution time and I found out that the problem isn't caused by bad configuration or UniServer itself, but Windows 7's IPv6 issue. Changing from "localhost" to "" when connecting to MySQL (i.e. calling mysql_connect) solves the speed problem. Improving speed from ~1.23 sec to ~0.0073sec. The problem is described in this post: http://www.bluetopazgames.com/uncategorize...host-windows-7/ Why I'm posting this here? This issue is pretty common, but can be easily detected using a script, so I think that it would be great if UniServer could detect this issue after startup.
  4. Hello profl, I actually also wanted db replication, but I was unable to setup the stuff around the redirection. My first server has dynamic IP so I'm using DDNS + CNAME record, but I don't know how to redirect to the backup server if the first one shuts down. If I understood correctly, the IP address of the backup server has to be specified in the A record for that domain address, but there is no A record for my first server, so it would redirect directly to the backup server, even if the first server is online. Is that correct? So this backup of backup feature is for now enough for me, till I manage to setup the redirection stuff.
  5. Here is the original post with the script: http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?s...ost&p=10553 Enjoy
  6. Hello everyone, I wanted to upgrade my UniServer installation to the latest version, but there was no patch, so I had to reinstall the whole server and reconfigure everything again. It was pretty painful and time consuming, I must admit. So I have decided to make a patch generator. Took me almost whole day to make. Yay! Here is the first working version. Download: http://www.filefactory.com/file/5skk3dcbb2...tchGen_v0_1_zip http://www.filedropper.com/uniserverpatchgenv01 (Btw, I've tried to attach the zip file to this thread, but it won't allow it.) Screenshot: Feel free to improve this.
  7. Edit: For some reason, I cannot edit my previous post. Anyway, here is new (fixed) version of that script from previous post. There was an issue with empty paths (Split problem). db_backup2.zip
  8. I can confirm this issue on v8.5.5. It fails to run the service. I've tried to delete the service, install it again, but it's the same. I've managed to track the problem down: I've run the service manually from cmd, using the cmd line that was specified in the service, i.e. And I've captured the output of srvstart.exe, by appending "> srvstart.log". Like this Hopefully, it will be fixed in new version. Edit: There is some serious problem. I just launched srvstart.exe, without any cmd line, and here is what it outputs: Running on Win7 Pro x64. Btw, Is that really a open-source tool? Does anyone know where I can find the source code? I would like to fix this issue :]
  9. I'm happy to help, Ric. I've also made another modification, if you're interested. I've added 'backup of backup' feature. It basically copies the created backups from the backup directory to user-specified locations that are specified in .ini file (semicolon separated). It's really helpful, if you... are paranoid. It's also possible to apply the same fifo rules, so the older backups will be deleted from those locations as well, if you allow it by setting UseFifo to true. Example config: Changes that I made to "core_functions_inc.vbs": Function us_dump_database_ex(db_name,dump_to_file,wait) ... Previous lines are unchanged ExecCMD "cmd /c " & strCmd,0,wait 'Run command hidden. End Function Function us_dump_database(db_name,dump_to_file) Call us_dump_database_ex(db_name,dump_to_file,false) 'Run command hidden. Do not wait to complete End Function And the rest of the changes can be found in db_backup script, which I've attached to this topic, again. Cheers db_backup.zip
  10. Hello everyone, I'm here to report this error: I've tracked the problem down, and it's caused by extra underscore characters in the database names. So this script doesn't support db names such as "my_fancy_db". I've fixed the lines that were making the problem: temp_array = split(objFile.Name,"_") 'Get time stamp If Cdbl(temp_array(1)) < Cdbl(ref_tim) Then 'Is this smaller than our reference (ref_tim) ref_tim = temp_array(1) To: temp_array = split(objFile.Name,"_") 'Get time stamp time_stamp = temp_array(UBound(temp_array) - 1) 'Now get the time stamp for real If Cdbl(time_stamp) < Cdbl(ref_tim) Then 'Is this smaller than our reference (ref_tim) ref_tim = time_stamp I've attached the fixed script to this topic, I hope that it's permitted here. Have a nice day. db_backup.zip
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