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  1. I managed to solve the problem already. I just needed to change the name of my computer (also changing the server address). Its been 3 days already and the uniform server is working nicely. Thank you everyone for helping.
  2. Could it be possible its like this because there's another computer on the network with the same computer name? I've realized that when this problem started to occur, windows pop up a message saying that the name already exist on the network. I'm not really sure if there is a computer with the same name or not (couldn't find it). Will changing the port from 80 to 81 help solve this problem? I don't think its the firewall and my college does allow web hosting (all my friend's server is working fine). Thanks.
  3. I don't think I will be able to change the router setting. Right now I'm using another server software to run my server and there is no problem at all. I will try uniserver again though, it's still better then the one I'm using now.
  4. How do I set the router to forward the port?
  5. I think changing the port number will solve the problem but then I'm gonna have to change so many links in my web site. Right now I've reinstalled uniserver and so far its working fine but I still have doubts though. I'm being really careful. p/s: I don't think I'm behind a router because the cable is connected directly to the socket on the wall.
  6. Hello, I recently have this problem, when the server is on, at first people can access it but after a while they can't, only I can access it. What could be the problem. One of my thought was, when I touch the content of my server then this happen but now its happenning without me doing anything. I'm currently running my server on an intranet network in my college with the address of the web site as http://**** (**** = computer name). If anyone know what is the cause of this problem, please tell me. Its getting anoying now.
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