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  1. Hi Folks, I've had to replace my hard-drive, which had an older version of Uniserver on it, but have a copy of the entire old Uniserver folder on the new drive. I've just installed the latest version of UniserverZ on the new drive. How can I migrate the MySQL database data from the old setup into the new one? (My first thought is to run the old version of Uniserver and export the various databases and then import them into the new version of MySQL under UniserverZ - does this make sense, or is there a better way?) Thanks very much. Gary
  2. Worked first time! I was unable to get previous versions to work on my machine. Thanks very much! Gary
  3. Any update on this, Bob? Is 8.1.2 still the best version to run on Win7Pro-64? Thanks very much - looking forward to giving it a whirl... Gary
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