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  1. I installed uniserver 3.3 yesterday and I ran into some problems getting the server to work from outside my intranet. I setup my server on my home pc, which uses a wireless connection to connect to my wireless router, which connects via cable modem to the internet. I have dynamic ip but from past experiences, the ip address does not change very often. Since I will be using this server on a port other than 80 (isp blocks outgoing 80), I have port forwarding setup to pass any incoming requests to my pc. I also have my pc setup as a dmz server in my router settings. After copying the files for uniserver 3.3 on my computer, I ran server start.bat, which started the server and opened up a W drive. I then changed the .htaccess in my www dir to make the server public. I directed my web browser to http://localhost which showed me the purple uniserver page. http://localhost/a got me to the admin panel 2.0. Under the apache configuration settings, the default setting for server was “localhost:80” which I changed to reflect my ip address followed by :8080 (this is the port I want the server to use). After reading some other threads relating to this topic, I managed to change the httpd.conf file to reflect port 8080 in the listen port field. I restarted the server at this point. I then directed my web browser to http://localhost:8080 which resulted in a page not found error. I then tried http://localhost and I got the purple uniserver start up screen. I don’t understand why this is happening. Since the server is using port 8080, I should not be able to connect to it without specifying the port. I then asked several people to try connecting to my server using both urls above (with and without port). The result was no one was able to connect to the server. I checked the apache status in the admin panel and I did not have any attempts to access the server. It looks like the requests are not making it to the server, but I am positive that the router settings are correct. This is where I need help. I am stuck.
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