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  1. Hi, I am trying Uniserver v8.4 with the matching Coral_Intl_8_4_0 (I saw there is an 8_5 version of UniServer but no accompanying Intl plugin) I installed both the UniServer and copied the contents of the usr/ folder from the plugin in the right place. doc instructs to do the following ... Edit file: UniServer\usr\local\apache2\conf\httpd.conf Locate these two lines: #Loadfile "C:/Coral_8.../UniServer/usr/local/php/icuuc46.dll" #Loadfile "C:/Coral_8.../UniServer/usr/local/php/icuin46.dll" Remove the # as shown below Loadfile "C:/Coral_8.../UniServer/usr/local/php/icuuc46.dll" Loadfile "C:/Coral_8.../UniServer/usr/local/php/icuin46.dll" Plugin carries the icuuc42.dll and icuin42.dll versions, while the httpd.conf refers to the .46 versions. Of course, if I try to start the UniServer with the version mismatch, I get an apache syntax check error due to missing files. But when I change the version numbers to match the versions in the plugin (i.e. I change them to .42), apache server does not start.
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