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  1. It works. And as for the 'www' links, it seems that it was a one-time issue or a bug I cannot reproduce. All links work well in 10.2.2 and no admin rights issues on W7 or W8 platform. Cheers, you're doing great work. I'll buy you a drink if you happen to visit Estonia.
  2. I'll check the phpMyAdmin button once I'm home from work and let you know immediately.
  3. Speaking of Windows 8, clicking on 'View www' does not seem to open the page in the browser (even a tab is not created). Not sure if it is an issue with my system alone, accessing the page directly on the browser with localhost address works. The button simply does nothing when you click on it.
  4. I'll try it out immediately when I get back home (where I'm an admin for Windows 8 desktop), I'm using Windows 7 (as a non-admin) at work.
  5. I have used Coral for a long time without any problems, I now read that there is a Zero version of Uniform Server, which has newer version of PHP and other features and is still 'servers are ready to run either from a USB memory stick or PC.' But this is not true, differently from Coral, I need to have admin rights to run the servers. Why are admin rights needed now, when they were not needed before and is there an alternative? Is Zero meant only for administrators?
  6. Cheers for the information From what I know, APC does work in 5.4, but there might be some bugs related to new features in PHP 5.4, so I suppose that holds things back. As for PHPClasses blog, then I used to read it but have given it up now, I am not too big a fan of information they provide, it is sometimes speculative and sometimes just not accurate enough. I tend to pay attention to PHP internals and see what's going on there instead for bleeding-edge information, but APC has not been discussed there for a few months.
  7. I would not mind, I've never used eAccelerator. They originally intended to add APC as a default extension to PHP in 5.4, but that did not happen. I hope that APC does not die the same way as eAccelerator did, since PHP - as an interpreted language - would really benefit from such functionality in core rather than as a hard-to-get extension (especially for shared hosting services).
  8. I apologize that I did not notice this, I came here from WAMP Comparison WIKI page where Uniform Server was listed having PHP 5.4.0, APC and eAccelerator. I fixed Wiki since then, but I did not expect to have to go to forum and read forum announcements to learn about this. Even Uniform Server's own Wiki lists APC as part of 8.4.0 production version, when in fact it is not so.
  9. No it is not just 8.5.0, this is already missing in 8.4.0. I tested older versions of Uniform Server, and 8.3.1 still had it working. But it is missing in 8.4.0 and 8.5.0. I edited Wiki WAMP comparisons accordingly, since that said that 8.5.0 (and used to say the same about 8.4.0) includes APC and eAccelerator, since I (and I am sure others) are coming here using that as a guide to select their preferred version of WAMP. This is rather crucial part for me about Uniform Server, but I suppose there are some compatibility problems with PHP 5.4?
  10. But can you actually 'click' on any of those checkboxes? I can see the same view, but cannot click on them. I did exactly that just now and no success. I deleted the entire folder, downloaded the archive again, unpacked it and ran the application. Still the same problem. There is no php_apc.dll in Coral 8.5.0 archive. I even tried turning it on in php.ini and it just throws errors when I use anything of APC: Fatal error: Call to undefined function apc_cache_info() in C:\UniServer\www\test.php on line 7 If I go to server configuration, the control panel options for APC and eAccelerator are shown for a moment, then turn off and I cannot check any of the boxes. Everything else works perfectly.
  11. I tried to Google and look through Uniform Server documentation but I cannot find any information on why it is not possible to use neither APC nor eAccelerator with it. I have stopped all servers, went to PHP Extensions Enable/Disable and they are not listed there. Then I also went to eAccelerators and APC's panel and neither of them have boxes checked and it is not possible to check these checkboxes either. What am I doing wrong? I even searched through the entire Uniform Server archive and did not find any DLL's for APC.
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