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    Run on virtual drive

    More trouble. After edit of the httpd.conf file to change w:// to w:/, and restarting UniServer using "run_as_program" option (which worked fine prior to using the drive w option), that option now fails to get Apache working (Apache crashes though continues to show up as started). Now also, i noticed, using "run_as_program" doesn't change the w:/ references to c:/ etc. in the httpd.conf file (even after doing "remove_drive_w.bat" first). I then did "run_as_program" through a fresh install of UniServer in a separate folder, but no go there either, though the httpd.conf file in that install has the c:/ and not w:/ references. If I run it using "run_on_drive_w", Apache seems to work fine then. Will see later if a reboot re-sets things to normal... but what's going on otherwise?
  2. rs10

    Run on virtual drive

    If I use either these options: run_on_drive_w.bat disk_start_stop.vbs Then Apache crashes. Reason appears to be: What should be "w:/" in the httpd.conf file is entered as "w://" throughout the file. (temporary work-around) Works if I do this: - stop Apache (Hit "Stop Apache" button in the program window) - replace all "w://" with "w:/" in the conf file - hit "Start Apache" -------- also, line 48 of disk_start_stop.vbs has an apostrophe missing before the comment ------ using v8.4.0 Excerpt from /alt_diag/run_on_virtual_drive/read_me.txt
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