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  1. Olajideolaolorun, thanks for the last post. I think I understand things a bit better now. I also took a look at some articles regarding web servers. LoL...wish I would've studied this stuff in school! Take it easy.
  2. Olajideolaolorun & oconkero, thanks for your posts! Much appreciated. However, Olajideolaolorun, I'm still a bit unclear on what actually happens when I click on Server_Start.bat. I'm running Zone Alarm and when I click on this batch file, my DOS window pops up with "the server is working on the disk w:\[http:]" Then, when I select Firefox to open up "redirect.html", Zone Alarm notifies me that "serv.exe is trying to act as a server (source IP: & "this program has previously asked for internet access". I allow serve.exe to act as a server and, in my browser window, it shows the address of "http://localhost/apanel/". I think my confusion lies in exactly what a "server" does. When the server kicks in, am I on the internet or still only working off my computer? And, if I go in and start editing webpages and saving my work, will those files save on my computer, Apache/PHP or both??!! Again, thanks for your assistance.
  3. Hello, guys. How's it going? I just downloaded Uniform Server and am about to install on my PC (I'm running windoze XP). I'd like to create a website and practice my skills only on my PC, for now. I read the very informative "30 second WAMP" Wiki tutorial. However, I still have some questions. Step 2 advises that "As it stands now, your web server is running and serving web pages, but it is not visible to the outside world." So, how can it be that the server is "running" but not outwardly visible? Seems to me that the MySQL or Apache server would at least be aware of my IP address if I have there server(s) running on my machine. There's no internet contact whatsoever at this point?? Finally, the tutorial concludes with "Your web server will not be able to support high levels of external traffic and should not be used for commercial use." I plan to use Drupal to create this website. Will the completed website be transferable to an outside host so that I can receive large amounts of traffic? And, if it is transferable, what becomes of MySQL and Apache?! Thanks for helping out a newbie, guys.
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