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  1. Phrased differently, perhaps - does anyone know if the latest Coral Unitray 8.1.0 plugin packages are compatible with the newer Coral releases? Thanks!
  2. I just tried the 8.4.0 release, and whether by design or not, the issue above is fixed on my computer. Whatever voodoo magic you folks are working, keep it up! Thanks again for the software.
  3. Thanks for your reply, traxxus. I did some experimenting and discovered that the Start_as_program.exe utility automatically adjusts those paths when it runs; they appear correct no matter where I put the UniServer folder. The help documentation still describes the program as portable, so I feel like there's more going on. Any further thoughts? Incidentally, I learned how to read the error log. The last line before every crash is below, but it looks unhelpful. [Mon Feb 27 20:36:45.983058 2012] [mpm_winnt:notice] [pid 5048:tid 212] AH00354: Child: Starting 64 worker threads.
  4. I've played with UniServer from time to time in the past, and just started using the coral series in the last week. Long story short, I've discovered that when I start Apache from a UniServer folder on my desktop, it works fine. If I move it somewhere else (e.g. C:\, D:\), it crashes when I try to start it. Since UniServer is portable, is this a Windows permission or security issue? Am I overlooking something? I'm running Win7 x64 with UAC enabled. Please let me know if I can provide more information. Thanks for your help, and thanks for your great software!
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