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  1. I'm a complete newb when it comes to servers and what not. I downloaded Uniserver on my work computer and it worked fine. I decided that I wanted it on my laptop instead, so I downloaded it there. Initially, everything looked fine. However, most times that I click on install/run Apache and MySQL services under Start as service or click start both under start as program, it says that Apache has stopped working. The first time it did that, a windows box came up, but I just existed out of it. As that was occurring, the link that opened up at first was file:///C:/UniServer/tmp/rederict.html. I figured it was my firewall, so I disabled all firewalls and added the start as program and start as service as exceptions if firewall was on. I also added them to the exception for scanning for viruses and what not. While doing that, I had existed out of the window. It would then not reopen. So I deleted it and reinstalled. Still wouldnt open. So, I deleted it again and rebooted my computer. I reinstalled and the problems are still occurring. The Syntax report comes back fine and so does everything else. I even tried to run as administrator. I have a Windows 7 HP laptop and I use Firefox as my default browser. I would REALLY appreciate ANY help you can provide me. Also, if I click on, say, phpmyadmin, it take me to the "file://" thing that I mentioned earlier, but then it changes to "localhost/us_phpmyadmn/index.php. It says that the connection was reset. It does not work if I try again. :/
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