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  1. Hey Yoni, I completely agree, I'm only giving feedback to try and improve the guide/thread. Absolutely not trying to be negative, I appreciate any effort people put into helping each other out. My installation happens to be a Hyper-V FM running 2008R2. I have a C: drive for OS and an E: drive for uniserver. I followed the guide exactly, like I mentioned. I can reliably/repeatedly break apache by denying 'Read' on the C: drive. Could you post a screenshot of you exact "advanced" OS drive security properties?
  2. I'm not really comfortable letting apache read off the C:\ drive even if it cannot write. I would much rather find out specifically what it is trying to read that breaks the service and allow read only to that specific piece. In either event, the guide clearly does not work as currently written. At least, not for me under Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.
  3. Additional info: allowing read/execute on the OS drive but denying list/write also works.
  4. Hello all, I have done quite of bit of experimental research today with my service acounts / NTFS permissions. I was able to pinpoint and reliably reproduce the change that breaks Apache, but I do not yet know the exact cause. In the guide linked earlier in this thread, it is recommended to "Deny All" permissions on the OS drive. That is the point at which Apache reliably stops working. Mysql service will still start successfully, but not Apache. I can remove the Deny permissions on my OS drive and it will immediately work again, like flipping a light switch. Thoughts ? -Clint
  5. thanks for the suggestion I will try that tomorrow.
  6. Hello, I feel like i have hit a dead end trying to setup local user accounts to use for the apache/mysql services. After following the guide and checking permissions many times over, neither of my services will start. The only information I can gather from the event log is "error code 1" for apache. I can switch back to local system account and they run every time (of course), so I'm certain it's a permissions issue somewhere. I am running on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. Has anyone else managed to get this working on that OS ? thanks, Clint
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