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  1. Hi, I just wonder how to set the UniServer ZeroXIV to work in "FastCGI" or "FRN" mode? I consulted provided offline and online documentations and forum but couldn't find any clue there. I also need to customize UniServer settings to "allow_url_fopen" or "cURL" must be enabled. (I already know that this is to be done through editing php.ini file) The following requirements need to be met as well: OpenSSL Libraries GD Library support cURL Library support Support for mb_* functions in PHP to use multibyte strings Thanks for your prompt support. Ehsan
  2. vaalf

    PDO (PHP Data Objects)

    Hi, I had the very same issue with Orion 7.1.4 on Win 7. But I could manage to resolve the issue by manually restarting the Orion server. Maybe it is the trick for you as well! Thanks, Vaalf
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