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  1. Does ANY version of this software work reliably within Windows 7 x32 and/or x64?? I've tried 8.0.0 -- crash, crash, crash... 8.5.1 won't work at all... Can only use program mode, services mode does not work... What version is the most reliable for working within Windows 7??? I really like this app because it's so easily portable etc. and hate to have to give it up... Thank you, Tom
  2. I've only used xampp before using uniform server (not new to web servers etc., just new to Uniform/Coral) and I want to move the files into another server which is on the internal LAN to serve websites in development phase... How do I enable uniform server to serve http://hostname/ vs. http://x.x.x.x/?? Thank you, Tom P.S. Never mind, I figured it out, it must be on a server in the domain. Thank you anyway...
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