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  1. traxxus

    Thank you.

    Hi there Quick question to Ric: Is UniFormServer 8.9.x end of life? So you just update/develop UniFormServer Zero in future??
  2. There is an reproducable bug in all Steel Releases. If you change the MySQL root password into one with the dollar ( $ ) sign, you will get an error on phpMyAdmin.
  3. In UniServer steel 5b is a bug. Enable PHP accelerator APC and apache wont start anymore.
  4. It's not because you are blind. It's because this forum is half-dead. I mean near zero active users. I think you have to open the port 80 and 443 in the windows firewall on the server.
  5. The UniServer Steel Beta on a Windows Server 2012 is superfast and stable. Great work guys!
  6. Please take a screenshot of the whole /www folder. All folder expanded please.
  7. You say: It takes me not to 'homepage.php' but to an error message saying that 'MYWORKINTRANET/LIVE/homepage.php cannot be found. This is in my eyes NOT directly in /www
  8. Depends where your homepage.php is stored on the /www folder... just make the link correct
  9. Awesome lack of informations. Which Shop?
  10. Do it with commandline? http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/mysql-change-root-password/
  11. HI There is no automatic update available. What i do: If you have UnIServer on C:\ 1.) Unpack the new version to C:\NEW_UniServer 2.) Copy the content of C:\UniServer\www to C:\NEW_UniServer\www (<-- clear it first) 3.) Stop and uninstall all UniServer-services 4.) Copy all your custom database-folders AND the folder mysql from C:\UniServer\usr\local\mysql\data to C:\NEW_UniServer\usr\local\mysql\data (overwrite yes) 5.) rename C:\UniServer to C:\OLD_UniServer 6.) rename C:\NEW_UniServer to C:\UniServer 7.) start the Start_as_service.exe and install the sevices and turn it on. finish. Has worked everytime for me. Maybe not the best-practice, but... it works.
  12. Jep, same here. No 8.5.5 download.
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