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  1. Thank you for your reply BobS. In www folder I have a subfolder where is placed my website that is visible in the internet. The website is dynamic, consisting of different subfolders and php files into them. When the website is visited these files appear in apache2 folder with the exact same name as in website folders but they are empty files. In the same time I haven't seen any problems loading the website itself. I've tried to search in httpd.conf for some solution of this problem but with no success. The only one thing that I've done was to uncomment the line "EnableSendfile off" - nothing's changed. I am attaching a screenshot of apache2 folder with the files that appear. Regards, Yavor
  2. Hi all, Yesterday I installed on my PC the new version of Uniform server (Coral 8.0). The server runs ok, but today I saw in folder apache2 each one file from my www directory copied or cached in zero size. I want to ask how I can stop this because I haven't seen this in Orion versions of the Uniform server. It is annoying me. Second, I want to ask how to install the Uni_tray plugin. I downloaded it and unzipped it in plugin folder. When I try to start the plugin Windows pops up an information that Uni_tray1.ini is missing and it can't run the program. Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Yavor
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