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  1. Hi all, I just upgraded from Coral 8.0.0 to Coral 8.1.1 and noticed this when viewing databases having tables with multiple prefixes: As you can see the table names are missing in the phpMyAdmin menu. The main window is fine, just this left hand frame.
  2. Hi guys, loving the new GUI menu in 8.0.0 Coral. One thing I'd love to see in Server Configuration --> Apache --> Basic Apache Configuration is the ability to edit the Options line without having to do it manually in the httpd.conf file. The default is: Options Indexes Includes Personally, for security reasons I prefer to remove the Indexes option so that they get a 403 if there's no index file. It's just a minor thing though, I still love Uniform Server regardless.
  3. Hi guys, I've been doing php/MySQL etc. development for about 6 years now and my first introduction to the world of WAMP solutions was Apache2Triad, after this became a dead duck I naturally progressed onto XAMPP which is what others were recommending at the time. Over the last few versions of XAMPP I was becoming more and more annoyed with their apparent inability to fix issues like distributing an old version of PEAR and expecting users to update it manually, problems with compatibility with Windows7 (64 bit) etc. About 6 months ago, I found out about The Uniform Server at a Wikidpedia page comparing WAMPs and noticed that your versions of PHP, MYSQL, Apache etc. were all bang up to date so thought I'd give your WAMP a try. Fast forward to the current date and I wouldn't use anything else, you guys release new versions all the time so it's never out of date. I also recommend The Uniform Server to any poor lost souls who tell me they're still using XAMPP. I'm sending a donation your way to show how much I appreciate your continued development of The Uniform Server. Keep up the great work.
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