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  1. Before anything else, please forgive any grammar or spelling mistake and the fact tan I am completely new (yes I am a newbie) to WAMP solutions. I am looking for a production grade WAMP solution. “Googling” I found some and the ones I like best are: www.uniformserver.com www.devside.net (WampDeveloper Pro) www.wampserver.com www.easyphp.org www.ampps.com However, I surprise me than none of then uses their solution to host their product websites: WampDeveloper Pro (by devside.net) uses Linux/Apache Uniformserver uses Linux/LiteSpeed Wampserver uses Linux/Apache Easyphp.org uses Linux(Debian)/Apache AMPP uses Linux(Unix)/Apache UWAMP uses Linux/LiteSpeed I cannot stop wondering why…. Why not use it on your own precut site? Not doing it says much about your product….. Not even the ones than claimed their WAMP solution as production ready are using it. So current WAMP are only for development or testing. Thanks for any feedback PS Not including the ZEND CE for windows (has not MySQL on the buddle) http://www.zend.com/en/products/server-ce/downloads
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