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  1. Thank you for your quick response and good information BobS! That worked great. Devo.
  2. I have just set up a VPN connection to the computer running Uniform Server 7.0 on Windows 7. While remotely connected through the VPN tunnel, I am able to access the web pages hosted locally on the Uniform Server by entering the local computer's IP address. However I am unable to connect to the phpadmin console because I am getting a 403 Forbidden error message from my browsers (I have tried Firefox, Chrome and Opera). Is there a permissions/authentication setting that I am missing? Or how should I go about connecting to mySQL through the VPN tunnel? Thanks for any advice, Devo
  3. Thank you Ric! You are a star! And going the extra mile with the functions.php tip. You have made my day. Thank you very much. Devo (A slight correction for anyone else learning from this thread: cli.ini filename is actually php-cli.ini)
  4. I have successfully set up automatic database backups and have also set up and successfully tested sending an email thanks to the great instructions found here: http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/5....Database_Backup. I have added a section to the bottom of the db_backup.php file that will email a copy of the 7z file that was just created. However the db_backup.php file does not know how to use the php mail function (which I have configured in msmtprc.ini file.) I can use the mail function within any page the exists in the www directory. (As an alternative I was going to add a Header redirection to the bottom of the db_backup.php file and send it to another php file in the www directory that would send the email. However since the db_backup.php file outputs text to the screen and its log file, the header redirection will not work.) Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get the db_backup.php file to recognize the php mail function?
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