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  1. I actually did not know that some web hosting provider do not support Drupal 7. I think I will contact the customer support of my web hosting provider and will check if they also support Drupal 7 but I think this should not be a problem.
  2. I think that installing wordpress is pretty straightforward and should you decide to read on all things that would be flashed at you, then you are looking to accomplish it in a couple of hours. I have set up several wordpress sites already and on the average, I think that it should take you about 40 minutes. What you could probably be extending on is when you choose to pick various themes and tabs.
  3. Actually, web hosts offer a lot of packages and rates that would surely be best for potential clients. I am subscribed to a rather lower rank hosting service because I do not need that much resources as compared to hosting a full blown commercial web site. And while that means that I do not get that high resources, I would not need them, to begin with. I think with this, it is best to keep what you would get to what you would need so you could also maximize them and not put most to waste.
  4. I think the worst attitude you could have with regard to security, is being complacent. I mean, security is just one of those aspects that you can never go complacent as you are just opening loopholes hackers can gain leverage from. Being complacent would mean like, you would not mind a small threat as it is not big enough to bring down what you have. And while that can remain true for some time, that would not ensure that it will not be able to bring you down for the coming events.
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