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  1. It was a <? in my _inc.header.php. Was an include at the bottom of it what i missed, thanks for your help
  2. That works okay, must be a problem in my files coding then, i thought since it worked on my web server and not uniserver it was something to do with that. Ill check it all over and report back if i still have problems, thanks
  3. They use the long ones This is the opening part of my index page <?php session_start(); error_reporting (E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); $styleSheet = "stylee.css"; include ("include/config.php"); include ("include/function.php"); include ("include/function_homepage.php"); $hpInfo = ""; getHomepageInfo($hpInfo); require_once ("_inc.header.php"); $userID = $_SESSION['userID']; ?> if i go directly to _inc.header.php it shows blank too and that uses full <?php tags too
  4. I have a site using a few files with the filenames in ths format "_inc.somename.php" and for some reason when i try and use them on Uniserver the just show up as blank. Is this a known issue / is there a fix or work around for this?
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