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  1. When I try to shutdown servers via tray-tool mysqld-opt.exe stays in memory and is still active, does not shutdown. Have not done anything special, it just does not work. Did not dig deeper into this, sorry, too tired...
  2. Hi, php_intl.dll is required by some major php web apps like wikipedia or moodle - if activated within Uniserver it is missing the needed dlls - you can find the dlls here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/icu/files/ICU4C/4.6.1/ however they are all compiled with VC10, what might cause other problems - maybe it would be good to compile it all with VC9. BTW - there is another distribution of apache for windows with php etc. - maybe you know it - they have it working, but the dlls are on a wrong path: http://www.apachefriends.org/f/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=44405 these also seem to be VC9 compiled icu*.dll files - might be helpful... Thanks for your attention! Bughunter
  3. Hi, have you been successful? I found that the default php memory limit of Uniserver is a little bit low for wordpress - you can easily set it to 128M in the PHP Configuration Screen. Unfortunately Windows Apache seems to collapse if the memory limit is not high enough for php applications, might be a memory management problem... However, wordpress definitely runs well with Uniserver 7.1.10, just tested it myself, no problems! Good Luck! Bughunter
  4. Hi, this was exactly my same thinking after two minutes of uniserver usage! All looks really good, much slicker and seems more intelligently built than others - however it really needs some indicators if the servers are running or not! I suggest two little LED-style icons in the tray. If not that fancy, doesn´t matter, anything making it possible to see with one glance server status would be great to have! As an advanced feature any kind of simple server monitoring with sending of emails / restarting would be great - does not need to be a fullscale nagios BTW what is the right way to post feature requests here? THANKS! Have a nice day, Bughunter
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