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  1. Hi, I'm completely new to US, any help is appreciated (or point me in the right direction). Environ: - XP SP3 - US 7.1.8-Orion - AVG Anti-Virus I just downloaded and installed Uniform Server just fine on my c drive (C:\myserver\UniServer\ ...). I used the UService icon to start up Apache & MySQL, updated my router, etc. so I can access a web page from the outside. I can ping localhost / My issue occurred when I tried to install SlimFTPd (and I assume that I will have this with other plug-ins). US did not seem to create a drive W when I "installed" it, and when I go to install I am asked to place the start_slimftpd.bat file in the directory with the "start.bat" file. Well I don't have a start.bat file anywhere in my implementation of US. There is a "start_server.bat file in the alternative_control directory, but placing the bat in there gives me a message of "windows cannot find diskw/home/admin/program/uniserv.exe". And BTW, uniserv.exe is located in C:\myserver\UniServer\unicon\main and C:\myserver\UniServer\unicon\program directories in my installation. Any thoughts? Do I need to create a diskw? and if so, how do I do it?
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