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  1. Ok, here's a clue that should crack this (I hope). I went into the main Index.php file and after doing a series of traces, found that if I change the last line in the file from this: echo JResponse::toString($mainframe->getCfg('gzip')); to this: echo JResponse::toString($mainframe->getCfg('')); the site renders fine and doesn't redirect to add the "www.". So, what's going on? Thanks, Neal
  2. To confirm Joomla would run ok, I downloaded and installed Joomla 1.5.23 using a new subdomain (test.mydomain.com), added a new Vhost and it works fine with the new version of PHP. I then upgraded one of my test sites to 1.5.23 (just to make sure there wasn't an issue fixed between 1.5.22 and 1.5.23) but I still have the problem with the front-end. When I go to http://newsite1.mydomain.com/, I get the same error: Firefox can't find the server at www.newsite1.mydomain.com but Administrator works fine. To review, the things I did: 1. Copy a Joomla 1.5.22 site to a new server 2. On new server, used Uniform Server (Apache) instead of IIS6 3. Created a new sub-domain to access the site (since my current site is still Live on the IIS server) 4. Setup/updated configuration.php, httpd.conf and .htaccess Any other ideas would be appreciated.
  3. Bob - Well, I'm glad you were able to reproduce this. But, I don't think the problem is in the Vhosts config, since I'm able to create a new Joomla site and it works fine, with the same vhost setup as the others. The only difference is that the new Joomla site is 1.7 and the ones I've copied over from IIS6 are 1.5.22. It seems that somewhere in the Joomla front-end code (not back-end, since that works fine), it's re-directing the URL. Look forward to seeing what you find out... Thanks, Neal
  4. Well, I tried updating my HOSTS file and that didn't change anything. Again, http://newsite1.mydomain.com/test.html and http://newsite1.mydomain.com/administrator both work, but http://newsite1.mydomain.com/ and http://newsite1.mydomain.com/index.php both report an error from the browser: Server not found Firefox can't find the server at www.newsite1.mydomain.com Does anyone else have any suggestions?
  5. Bob - Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure why it can't find the names in DNS. I believe I have setup the sub-domains properly in DNS and pointed them to the server's IP. And, as I mentioned, http://newsite1.mydomain.com/test.html is working fine, just not the default http://newsite1.mydomain.com/index.php. So, other than pointing the A record to the server's IP, what other change would I need to make in DNS? Thanks, Neal
  6. Hi - I've migrated a number of Joomla sites from IIS6 to Apache and now am trying to test them using a subdomain - e.g. http://newsite1.mydomain.com, http://newsite2.mydomain.com I've updated .htaccess, configuration.php and httpd.conf - I believe correctly. The problem is, when I try to browse to the new sites, it comes back with: "Sorry, the website www.newsite1.mydomain.com cannot be found" So, it's adding a "www." to the beginning. Note that http://newsite1.mydomain.com/test.html works fine, as does http://newsite1.mydomain.com/administrator. What am I missing? Thanks, Neal
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