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  1. No, there will be no issues but: 1- Copy only your own folders which are your databases from the old \UniServer\usr\local\mysql\data to the new one and do not copy files and folders belonging to MySQL in that folder 2- Create your database user or users you had before manually with the same user name and password using phpMyadmin and grant all the privileges to them. 3- you do not need to copy sessions from your old tmp folder, they are the files begin with sess_ That is it, everything will be fine. And good luck
  2. Hi First of all, you can not upgrade from 7.1.0 to the current version 7.1.8 directly but you have to upgrade stepwise, that means first from 7.1.0 to 7.1.1 and from 7.1.1 to 7.1.2 and so on. To upgrade from a version to an immediate higher one do as the following: ----------------------- 1- Backup your UniServer folder 2- Download the upgrade zip file to some temp. folder and extract it. 3- See if there are changes in configuration files, if you find some of these files in the unpacked package that means there are changes in the configuration files as well and leave these files intact for a while. 4- copy all the files and folders from the unpacked zip folder except the configuration files to your Uniserver folder and overwrite the existing ones. Now back to Configuration files: I'm not very sure how to do with them, but for myself I will do the following: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1- You need a good file compare software, I recommend Beyond Compare. 2- compare a config. file from the unpacked zip folder with the corresponding one existing in UniServer folders, find out the changes in the new config file and transfer these changes to your existing config file. 3- repeat step 2 for other config files if there are many. NOTE: -------- If you have never made changes to any of configuration files before then you do not need to compare any thing and just copy the configuration files to UniServer folder and overwrite the old ones... Hope this explanation was helpful... Good luck /Jerod
  3. That really looks great I didn't know that there are upgrade bundles, this is so beautiful... I downloaded the upgrade package for 7.1.7 to 7.1.8 and beautiful, in this bundle no configuration files were updated what if some will be in future updates? How can we update the configuration files in case we have made our own changes in them? Thank you so much...
  4. Dear cookn22, I have the same question as hotelf and will be appreciative for your answer... Thank you /Jerod
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