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  1. Jerod Thanks for the information. I am using Uniserver for WordPress only. Nothing fancy. I wonder if I can just copy the files from the old install to the new install? Comparing the files it looks like I could just copy a) my folders from www The folders under User\local\mysql\data c) The files in C:\UniServer\tmp I just tried it and it seems to work! Is this a reasonable thing to do, or am I going to have issues? Thanks
  2. I have version 7.1.0. I downloaded the upgrade packages - but how do I use them? Do I do this: 1. Extract the files from the zip file into a temporary folder 2. Copy them into my c:\uniserver folder and overwrite the file names already there? 3. Or is there an install program? Please tell me how I can use the upgrade packages.
  3. I am updating from 7.1.0. Trying to follow your instructions, but need more information please. (Sorry for my beginner questions). As per the attached picture, the User table is selected and I see the Export button. BUT... I don't know where 'Create table options' is, unless you mean the Create table button on the bottom left. In any case I don't see where to check 'If not exists'. Also, can you explain what is meant by: REPLACE set as the 'Function to use when dumping data' Finally for the 'func' table you say: I typically just do 'SHOW CREATE EVENT', copy those queries, and re-run them on for the new server install. Could you explain that please. Thanks.
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