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  1. Thanks, but not running Skype, not even installed. Port test was OK. It appears that the executable for Apache.exe is not executable (but permissions are OK I think). None of the apached exe files seem to be executable. I am on Windows XP. Is there some problem with the distribution files? Any other ideas?
  2. So digging further, Apache.exe is in the correct location, but when I try to execute from a command prompt it I get the error that the system cannot execute the specified file. Looking from cygwin command prompt, the file was executable. Maybe it's been corrupted, or doesn't work on Windows XP? $ ls -l Apache.exe -rwxr-xr-x 1 LCURRENS ???????? 18432 May 24 04:48 Apache.exe
  3. Running on Windows XP, just installed the latest version of uniform server today. I ran the port test, all looks OK. 2_Apache_program.bat gives me the following output: (there is no log file generated) The following test checks Apache configuration file syntax Any errors reported must be corrected. If syntax check is OK you will see step 2) The system cannot execute the specified program. 2) START APACHE Expected results: A blank command window opens with a flashing cursor. This window remains open indicating the Apache server is running. Note: You may be challenged by your firewall ALLOW access Do not close windows. Perform the following: Running 1_port_check.bat will show port 80 is now in use Check server is accessible. Type the following into a browser http://localhost/ Uniform Server's index page is displayed Run test by pressing any key. Perform above tests.
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