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  1. I got a new computer with Windows 8 on it -- which sucks, by the way. I keep getting the new and improved BSOD when I run Uniform Server -- both as a program and as a service. When it crashes, the last few entries (before the crash) into MySQL aren't showing up in phpMyAdmin, but I keep getting the error: Duplicate entry '[number]' for key 'PRIMARY' They've got to be around somewhere. Where do I find them so I can edit/delete or . . . something?
  2. Did you ever get this figured out? Since I "upgraded" to Coral, I spend more time trying to figure out why the server isn't working than I do on my actual work. Apache crashes -- but it doesn't (usually when trying to use phpmyadmin), MySQL server "goes away" -- but it doesn't sometimes, pages are downloaded instead of rendered or there are hieroglyphs on the page, while the source looks fine -- on all my browsers. It's a circus. Everything works fine on the production server, though. So I stopped by here to try to figure out where to start trying to get a handle on what's going on. Just wondered what you found.
  3. Sorry, but WordPress absolutely does generate an .htaccess file for certain permalink settings: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalink...y.22_permalinks http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalink...malink_Problems Perhaps you have a setting that prevents them from being viewable. Or perhaps you haven't changed the permalink settings? I'm sorry, I didn't follow up with the version (latest), hosting (several virtual host entries), or the resolution of the IPv4-IPv6 difficulty (because there wasn't one). Everything has been running fine for months on this Windows 7 computer (using "localhost"), with the exception of the "MySQL server has gone away" error that I get occasionally for no good reason that I can think of. I restart it, and it's fine. The problem was with the .htaccess file that was generated by WP when I changed the permalink settings. I found it in C:\ -- not in any of the Uniform Server www directories, including the one WP was installed in -- deleted it, and the problem was solved. As I mentioned earlier, I had this exact same problem several years ago, on an XP computer, and it was resolved the same way -- finding and deleting the .htaccess file that was in a place it had no business being, and that appeared after the WP permalinks settings were changed. I'm pretty sure if I had written a complicated piece of work such as that, I'd remember it. But you know, as we get older, things get away from us. :-D I'm sure if you Google about it, you'll find other instances where it's been a problem for people. And I'm sure of that because that would have been how I found the solution to the problem the first time. :-)
  4. Hi, BobS -- When I made that change, I got a 500 error. And changing it to "Allow from all" didn't help, either. The "just installing WP wouldn't do this, would it?" reminded me that I *did* have a similar problem several years ago -- with a different server setup -- because of the .htaccess file(s) that WP generates for certain permalinks settings. It, basically, toasted everything, and caused system-wide issues. Unfortunately, I had that "Ah HA!" moment at 5:00 this morning. But at this point I'm 99% sure that WP has created an .htaccess file *somewhere* that is overriding the other ones -- I just haven't found it yet.
  5. I was about to post about a 403 Forbidden problem when the "Wordpress" in the title of this thread caught my eye, so I thought I'd check here first. I installed WP with no problem and imported an old DB through phpmyadmin. Everything worked okay, so I went to phpmyadmin to export the DB to upload to the production server, but I got a 403 error when I clicked on the phpmyadmin link. Now, I can't access /apanel, either, through localhost or -- I get the 403 forbidden error. There's nothing in http.conf to explain it, and rebooting hasn't helped. Everything was working fine until this point, except the I get a "mysql server has gone away" error quite often for some reason. Importing a WP DB, and installing WP, shouldn't have any effect on the server settings, should it?
  6. This is the problem I am having today, too. Since there hasn't been any response to your inquiry, I'm guessing the answer is available elsewhere? If so, I'm not finding it. Did you ever get this worked out?
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