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  1. Sorry if I confused you.... a) I did notice the change for /CFile/ and changed it back in my copy I tried adding the code within the virtualhost section but, when that didn't work, I moved it outside to the bottom of the .conf file. I didn't think positioning would make any difference as there were no obvious enclosure statements around the other alias entries.
  2. I have also tried from the UniformServer machine using http://localhost/files/EMW.pdf but that gives a 404 error too
  3. Still no luck I've tried placing that code inside and outside of the virtualhost section but it makes no difference - still getting a 404 error when I click the link. Any other ideas? Adam
  4. Hi everyone - happy new year! I am replacing a PC webserver for a local business who were operating a Mambo site but I'm running into a small issue.... The previous IT guy has done some very weird stuff so to save some time I have used Uniform server. Getting the Mambo site up and running took almost 5 minutes but I have hit a snag! The website serves up documents (PDFs) that are located on their network but are not within the scope of the W drive or the webroot so I need to invoke some kind of alias or redirection but I just can't make it work. I found a post on the web suggesting that I map a network drive i.e. G: to the folder on the workstation containing the files and then access them using an alias entry as below but for testing purposes I have tried using the root of the local C drive: The virtual host part is working great but the redirect / alias is driving me nuts! An example of a link is "http://office.english-mutual.co.uk/files/EMW.pdf" <VirtualHost *> ServerName office.english-mutual.co.uk ServerAlias english-mutual.co.uk *.english-mutual.co.uk DocumentRoot /www/Intranet/html #<Directory "/www/Intranet/html"> #Allow from all #Options +Indexes #Options Indexes FollowSymLinks ExecCGI #</Directory> Alias /files/ "C:/" <Directory "C:/"> Options Indexes Includes AllowOverride All Order allow,deny Allow from all </Directory> ServerAdmin webmaster@english-mutual.co.uk ErrorLog logs/english-mutual.co.uk.com-error_log CustomLog logs/english-mutual.co.uk.com-access_log common </VirtualHost> Regards, Adam
  5. Morpheus

    PHP4 with CURL?

    Hi, AlleyKat. Can you expand a bit on how to get curl running with the latest Uniform Server (PHP 5.1.1) please? I downloaded the archive you specified but it didn't contain any curl-related fies that I could see.
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