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  1. Maybe try to update your coral by keeping the userdata-directories. (Backup whole directory before with winrar or similar. Just in case.) It looks to me like one of the .hta-files could be broken. Im not sure what caused the error with me. Maybe using registry cleaners? I stopped using them in case they were the culprit here.
  2. Very strange... it worked one time. I was able to load phpmyadmin because apache and mysql was running. I wanted to make sure that it works now and stopped the services, closed and reopened. Then i tried it with start both and later with start apache only. The same errormessage comes up. I didnt change anything in the meanwhile. I dont get it. I tried if its my antivirus but no effect. Edit: Ok, it looks i found a workaround. It works when i dont click start both because when it is crashing then i cant start mysql anymore. But when i click start apache and click at the error that the code should run forward then apache doesnt end. but i can click at start mysql. and when i did this both buttons get green and i can access phpmyadmin. Which should proof that mysql and apache are running. But still i would prefer to have it without error message. At least i can work on my project again.
  3. Hello, i used Uniserv Coral 8.6.5 for quite a while now but now i get always this error when wanting to start apache and mysql. I have to translate it to english so i dont know how the matchin errormessage is in english: Scripterror: In the script on this page an error occured. Line: 1 Sign: 1 Error: The named File isnt an application assigned. Code: 0 URL: file:///L:/Tools/Software/Entwicklung/UniservCoral/uni_con/uni_con_program.hta Do you want that the script on this page is still being executed? Yes/No So what can i do? I now made a backup of the whole directory with winrar. Then i downloaded coral 8.6.7 and overwrote everything with the new version. Except i didnt move the directories usr and www. When i started it still thought i start it the first time and asked me questions. But at the end i wanted to start apache and mysql but the exact same error occured. Whats wrong here? And how can i fix it? Thanks! Sebastian Edit: I now tried a fully fresh portable install and i still get this error. So it seems it isnt connected to the coral install. But what is it? I wasnt able to find anything with google. Edit2: So now i searched a bit more and found that .hta-files are executed by mshta.exe. The errormessage implies that the connection was lost. So i searched in coral-directory for .hta-files and doubleclicked Server_Status.hta. And it successfully ran and showed the correct info. So i dont know what this error message is about. I tried the old coral version, the newest and its still the same problem. Edit3: I even was able to start the .hta mentioned in the errormessage. But it couldnt start apache because of missing admin-rights. So it looks like the files are working but something seems to be broken. Then i tried to start it as service but after installing and starting the same error occurs.
  4. Hello, whenever i try to use coral as program and clicking start apache or mysql it only works a while and states "unable to start apache" /mysql When i check the status it says all ports are fee and apache nor mysql are running. Because i had problems running both uniserv 7 & 8 before i tried to delete all services through using the following on vista. sc delete ApacheS1 sc delete US_ApacheS1 sc delete MySQLS1 sc delete US_MySQLS1 The services were gone then. I believe the US_MySQLS1 wasnt installed as a service at this time. So i started coral service and i could only install mysql service. Install Apache was grey. I did and after that i used sc delete on the service. It worked and all services were gone again. Then i restartet the pc. I tried coral program and clicked to start apache and got "unable to start..." again. The same was for mysql. When i click start both its a neverending loop of "unable to start apache...". Then i tried coral service and i couldnt install any service. both were grey. It looks like the program isnt checking if the service exists but instead only saves somewhere when the program itself is deleting a service. So i cant make coral run. Which is bad because it looks userfriendly. Ill go back to uniserv 7 again and hope it will work. thanks! Sebastian
  5. It looks like i cant do anything anymore. I now have 2 portable installations. Coral and UniServ 7. When i wanted to start coral as program the start apache was gray. So i looked into windows services and found the services ApacheS1 and MySQLS1. Both are set to automatic. So i thought i should deinstall them. I used the alternative control. It couldnt do so. Then i disabled both services and tried service_stop_uninstall again. It said the services arent installed. Then i started coral again as program. I wanted to start and mysql couldnt be started while apache isnt active too. Only the gif is moving all the time without stopping. Then i tried it as service but its not working too. And now i cant use program or service in coral because no window is opening. When i start uniserv 7 as admin i can start and stop the server but i cant deinstall the services. Even though i restarted the pc. How can i delete the services? At least i can use uniserv 7 again but... coral looks much more userfriendly Thanks! Sebastian
  6. Thats right... i could simply test coral. Maybe its even better then uniserv 7. But still... how to stop uniserv? There must be another way than restart. Thanks! Sebastian
  7. I dont get it... Now i cant stop Uniserv... I wanted to add a new vhost. For that i created an entry in the hosts-file like this: The ... are replacements only for not posting the url. Then saved the hosts-file successfully. Then i had uniserv started and localhost showed the standardpage. After that i edited httpd.conf and added: The adminpanel shows me that the new host is active. But when i type in buy...online.local then it shows only uniserv standardpage. The other vhosts work. So i thought i need to restart the server. I tried but i cant stop the server... o.O When i run Serverstatus it shows me: So it says its not on but used by another program. When i start precheck it states: So uniserv is blocking the port. And i guess the vhost doesnt work because that instance is working with an old httpd.conf. So how can i stop uniserv now? When i use alternative control and stop_server it states: Even started as admin. The same result with service stop uninstall: Whats happening? How can i stop uniserv? By the way... when using the taskbarmenu its confusing that you can click the same command more than once while the command isnt finished already. For example starting the server takes some time. But the menu isnt blocked and there is no sign that uniserv is still working on that command except i can see a higher cpu-usage. But still... can i setup a block of the menu or at least a message or something that shows me if the command has come to an end or not? Thanks! Sebastian
  8. The thing is i tried administrator rights before and failed because i didnt notice that the first click only installs the services and you have to click at the same position again to start the services. So i made all right but not both together and failed. Maybe a warning would be nice. I know what admin rights are but many wouldnt even know it. By the way... i have read what Version 8.0 is but im not sure if it is a better version 7 or less than version 7 because its coded new from the ground. So should i update or would i miss something? At least it has its own and less addons than v7 isnt it?
  9. Edit: Ok, i found the problem with not started apache. First start.exe needs to be started as administrator, then install services (first menuitem) then start services (first menuitem again) and it works. Thanks!
  10. I found the wiki but there isnt much more info contained. For example it describes how to downgrade to php4 but not if this is php4 & 5 or only 4 at the end. I would like to see a more detailed description for all plugins. So everyone knows what it is, what it does and if it irreversible. At the moment you only have cryptical pluginnames and when you have luck somewhere in the directory there is a file that tells you something. Thats not a userfriendly presentation i think. Its a free software, thats right, so all members will do it for free but i think there are many projects like this where the developer earn enough money for a living. So i think making the possibilities of UniServ bigger will make its profile bigger so more people use it. I think for the moment I wont use plugins until i need something really.
  11. Hello, i dont understand the plugin page. Many Plugins doesnt have a description, i dont know if the php4-plugin will overwrite php5 or if both can be used afterwards and then there are nano plugins with even more plugins in it. So where is a explanation for this all? I wont risk to install things that i dont know what they do or if it is changing something to another state without a way back. Thanks! Sebastian
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