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  1. Thank you Bleek. Your suggestion did the trick on my home system. Now, I still have to troubleshoot my "locked down" system here at work. Even though the machine shows that I have admin rights, I know that is not fully the case. I will try reinstalling Apache and MySQL as services on the machine, shut down the services, and then retry running from the USB, so as to recreate the working setup prior to uninstallation of services. UPDATE: Not sure exactly why this makes a difference, but after reinstalling Apache as a service on the base PC, additional issues seem to have been resolved. I shut down the Apache instance on the PC, start the Uniserver on the USB and all functions are not working. Thanks all!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Actually yes, I should have mentioned that. I have commented out all lines in the file per instructions, and restarted the server. No change. Both machines have had MySQL installed at one time as development servers. I uninstalled after setting up UniServer so that my development can be portable. I could swear that MySQL worked on UniServer before uninstalling from one of the PCs. I shut down the db server on the PC and then started from Uniserver. After uninstall on the PC, no luck.
  3. I have seen the other threads on this topic under version 3.2, and the solution was to upgrade to 3.3. Well, I have 3.3 installed on a USB Drive, and have run on 2 seperate machines and get the following error on both. Any ideas? ยป Security Alert! Possible Attack HTTP_REFERER is not localhost. but ''. To disable this warning go: /home/admin/www/cgi-bin/secure.pm
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