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  1. Almost finished the fix for php 5.3 But stuck with this "Easy-to-Read" code $REP_UNDSCR="&| "; $REP_SPACE="\?|%|'|\"|'|%|/|\||"|\*|#|\^|{|}|;|!|:|~|`|<|>|<|>|,|\\|\(|\)"; $ADDITIONAL_VAL = ereg_replace($REP_UNDSCR,'_',$ADDITIONAL_VAL); $ADDITIONAL_VAL = ereg_replace($REP_SPACE,'',$ADDITIONAL_VAL); Someone can help to convert this to preg_replace
  2. Thank you very much!
  3. How can I convert this to preg_replace? $TEMPLATE_PATH = ereg_replace("(/)+" ,"/",$TEMPLATE_PATH); Thanks!
  4. there is nothing about "Deprecated: and so on" in Error Log Viewer
  5. Hi kalpz Thanks for answer! - short_open_tag On - display_errors On No errors on localhost
  6. please help! Online (hosting) - I am getting php 5.3 errors Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() Deprecated: Function session_is_registered() and so on... but I can't get this errors on localhost win 7 64 Uniform Server [7.0.1-Orion] PHP Version 5.3.6 Print Errors: On How can I get this errors on local host?
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