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  1. Can anyone comment on this further?
  2. I have been having no luck at all compiling in Windows. It is an utter mess. Filepaths, different explanations all over the web... So, after many failures, and then almost success, I realized that when I did php -m toward the compiled version of php I was able to build, I had nearly zero php modules. But then I thought I could try it against the PHP built into Uniserver, and noticed that it lists both ftp and openssl. I was under the impression taht ftp_connect ssl was just a part of ftp, so, does this mean that if is part of Uniserver?
  3. I am really just starting to get into all of this php, apache stuff. I barely know where to start, but one step at a time. Basically I am trying to update net2ftp, since it seems like it hasn't had any support in several years. I know there are several alternatives to net2ftp, but I was looking for an open source option that I could fully customize and control, and ensure it was encrypted. I needed an option so that anyone with any browser could use my ftp* without having to install anything. This seemed to be the best option I could find. edit: *use my ftp with ssl for both uploading and downloading. I realize explorer and any browser can do ftp, but I'm looking for ftps with uploading etc.
  4. Thanks for the reply! Exactly what I wanted to hear (Minus that it isn't already compiled). One other thing, so after I have gone through this to compile my own build, is it as easy as replacing the current php folder with the compiled one? Or are there a few other files I need to dive into and edit a little?
  5. I have been trying to use the uniform server to host a sort of ftp client. I have seen on the php site that to use php with its ftp_connect ssl functions on Windows, you have to compile php yourself. I assume this means that Linux builds don't? So, my question is: Is the version of php bundled with Uniserver already compiled to use the ftp_connect ssl functions? I think it involves use of openssl and ftp. Thanks in advance.
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