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  1. JesseChisholm, I just came here to say that your solution works, although it is only a patch and not a long term solution. Thanks. I finally had the courage to install those .NET updates and tested UniServer (I'm using version 8.6.8) with your patch. It works. Thank you again.
  2. Yeap, one of the errors I get states exactly that: null value somewhere. I'll try your patch, install the .NET January 2013 (KB2736422, KB2742599, KB2756921, KB2742595) security updates and check if it works. Thanks Jesse!
  3. Hi there, I've been working fine with Coral 8.6.8 on a Windows 7 SP1 x64 machine. But now, every time I click "Start_as_program" or "Start_as_service", an error message pops up saying there's a script error. Something to do with uni_con_service.hta. The dialog box asks if I want to continue executing scripts, I click Yes but the console appears looking crazy and the servers throw another error when trying to start. I downloaded and tried version 8.7.3 and this error also occurs. I read multiple topics about this kind of error in the forums. I read the help file also, namely the "VC9 Libraries" part. I have installed / repaired the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 runtime library, and I had the .NET frameworks 3.5.1 and 4 with their last updates installed (these updates were published by Microsoft on Jan 8, 2013). I also checked what Windows Updates may have caused this error. It were precisely the last .NET security updates that did it. I had to restore Windows to a date prior to those updates to get UniServer running again. Did anyone out there have this kind of trouble? What's the solution? I have pending Windows updates waiting endlessly. Thanks for your attention and help!
  4. Hi people, I've been using UniServer since it was called UniformServer with no issues at all until now. Recently, I was using version 5.6.5 Nano but I decided to update, went to Orion 7.0.0 and used it on a pen drive, and later I downloaded version Orion 7.0.8. I have two computers where I use UniServer to develop my PHP-MySQL driven Websites. One computer has Windows 7 Enterprise installed and the other one has Windows XP Home Edition, and the pen drive is formated as FAT32. This is important, I think, as you'll see when I explain what happened. I ran Orion 7.0.0 on my FAT32 512MB pen drive which is connected to my Windows 7 Enterprise with no problems. I clicked "start.exe" and then I started all the services. No questions asked. Point 1. But then I downloaded and tried to use Orion 7.0.8 on local folder of my Win 7 Enterprise PC, and then the trouble began. When I run "Run_pre_check.exe" an warning message says "Warning: file_get_contents UniServer/home/admin/www/includes/.version : failed to open stream.". Even so, I clicked "start.exe" and started the services. Windows asked me to allow Apache and MySQL in the Windows Firewall Dialog box. I said 'yes' to both questions. Apanel comes up, PHP is running and then I went to phpMyAdmin... An error says that phpMyAdmin cannot start and to check the webserver log or PHP errors. I read online that this was maybe a folder permission issue due to a new version of MySQL. I gave read/write permissions to "Everyone" on my computer in the folder /home/admin/www/includes/ and then phpMyAdmin works. But none of my PHP scripts that reads data from the DB does its work, the pages always come up blank. No errors shown, even with error_reporting set to E_ALL. Point 2. If I try to run Orion 7.0.8 on my pen drive or on a local folder of my WindowsXP Home Edition computer, the same warning appears when I run "Run_pre_check.exe", the same error shows when I go to phpMyAdmin, but due to the fact that WindowsXP Home Edition has no "Security" tab on folder properties I can't even change or give read/write permissions. Point 3. My pen drive is connected to my Win 7 PC, but because it was formated as FAT32 and not NTFS, there's no "Security" tab on folder properties to change/give permissions... This meaning I have to go... back to Nano 5.6.5... or Orion 7.0.0. Can anyone help me on this issue? Is this a bug? Older versions worked. Thanks in advance!
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