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  1. Thanks! that did the trick!
  2. Hi - i installed the uniform server on a windows running windows 7 and have had 403 errors and cannot get the localhost page to show - i have read in a few posts that there are issues with windows 7 and i don't want to have to configure windows files to make it work. at this point, i just want to uninstall the program - but when i go into my control panel and uninstall programs panel, i can't see the uniform server anywhere. when i try to just delete the folder, it won't let me..... how the heck do i just uninstall?!!!! i googled it and found:If you wish to completely remove Uniform Server from your PC first run Uninstall.bat this stops and uninstalls all Uniform Server services. All that remains is to delete the folder C:\UniServerX.X and all its contents. i ran the uninstall.bat and then tried to delete the folder and it says that it cannot delete it because it is being used i've tried searching the forums for this with no luck....anyone?? HELP! thanks
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