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  1. Hi all, I'm running Coral 8.5.4 as a testing server for a static website. It's installed on my WinXP local machine. I have a directory /docs/ (as in /www/docs/) where all the document attachments such as .pdf and .doc live. While navigating localhost in a web browser, any link to a document in localhost/docs/ results in a 404 error, even though the link address is not wrong, and I can clearly see the allegedly missing file present in /www/docs/ when I browse via Windows Explorer. The links work again when I migrate from the test environment to prod. (Prod is an apache server run by a central IT group in my organisation - I have no access to its configuration.) Things I've tried: The mime types (main ones are .pdf, .doc, .docx) all seem to be present and accounted for in \UniServer\usr\local\apache2\conf\mime.types The file names are mixed case and the hrefs correctly reflect the mixed case, however I enabled mod_speling just in case that was the problem - no joy. Any thoughts? Many thanks for your help.
  2. Because I'm unable to get the current version working (I believe issue is with using drive letter other than W:), despite help from this board! So I've reverted to the last version that I've been able to get to work previously. Very frustrating. Not sure I am willing to re-engage with current version, given time already spent, so I guess it's the httpd.conf for me. Thanks for your reply, though.
  3. Hi all, I'm running Mona 4.5. On the Apache Configuration page in Apanel, when I try to edit any option there, and then click 'Save', the value restores itself back to the default. Specifically I'm trying to add .html to the Server Side Includes field. Any thoughts? Many thanks, Belinda
  4. Hi Ric, Thanks for the reply (the notification went to my junk mail so I only just noticed it, sorry!). I found that this works if you copy the two batch files into the top level Uniserver directory before you run them. If you don't, then only the \alternative_control directory is mounted as the new drive. Thanks again.
  5. Hi all, Just installed Orion 7.07 (on Win XP SP3 if that makes a difference). I need to have it run the virtual drive on a letter other than W:, because W: is already in use for a network drive. I'm not able to find anything in the Orion version-specific documentation that refers to changing the drive letter. The installation guides on the wiki all seem to be for previous versions, which either prompt you for a drive letter upon startup (this doesn't happen for me in Orion), or come with a file called Disk Start.vbs (which I can't find in the Orion files). Thanks.
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